Darym-Return of Durac

Paragon Recap

The first party made it out to the bandit kingdoms and met Lord Angus. After talking to him he made a deal to be a part of the new union if they cleared out a little problem for him. THe problem turned out to be a hydra and which they did with a lot of issues. Afterwards they found the lair of hydra and saw that it was underwater and was huge. THey noted it to come back later.

The second party went off to the desert. Where they found an old temple/mausoluem near the Storm Pillars in the skorne desert. After going through the found the final resting spot of what looks to be the last of blue dragon tribe.

Into Paragon

The intro for paragon.

Sitting atop a mound of golden skulls ten feet molded into some sick throne sits the Lord of Undead himself Orcus. The fires crackle about him, the moans of the undead can be heard throughout his throne room, as a servant stands before him, tallying the daily intake of souls. THose that they reaaped and those lost to the Raven Queen. Another demon enters the room in glowing golden armor. Not a spec of dirt can be found anywhere as it gleams like a bright star.

“Lord Orcus, the Cat has escaped his pen, but one Karavakos is gone his soul added to our pile the contract complete.” says the golden armored man.

“The score then.”

“Acerak, Karavakos are ours,” he quickly disaplys two souls of the former generals " two of the three Generals down. Alexander Cornelious is gone from Dayrm but picked up by the Raven Queen as expected. The portal to Shadowfell where Durac disappeared was foiled."

“Now the news I don’t want to hear.”

“Derrin the necromancer lives, all of the heroes to Shadowfell are walking, Cloak is running about in his feywild out of his pen that you assured me would hold him. Durac and Kerric have been missing for three years not a word of them. Lord Maxell purged your temple”

At this Orcus cracks his whip across the and the screams of souls can be heard across the Shadowfell.

“Its time to put my plan into motion that will give me the power I crave. The first thing is we must bring Durac out into the open. What better way then to allow him to take the portolio of the god of murder to come back. Second, now that Moil is missing its greatest asset we no longer have to waste resources there. Time to turn it to towards the RavenQUeen and hit her where it hurts. Third its time to teach these mortals not to meddle in my affairs any longer, Maxwell, Heroes of the Shadowfell, even the neighborhood baker needs to feel my shadowy grip!”

Pyramid of Shadows?

This recap was done by Deirdre.

We we’re transported from Bleak Acadamey to the prison that holds Karavakos, When we arrived someone foolishly advised we were here to kill him. He then transported us inside the pyramid to a pit filed with corpses. We fought and beat an ettin with swords & sent a squid like creature (carrion crawler) further into the muck. After the fight during our exploration of the area we found a crystal ball that held the spirit of an eladrin. After hearing about the inhabitants of the pyramid we travelled to the library & encountered knowledge eaters. After our fight with them we discovered two scrolls. One was to raised the dead. We further explored the area & encountered Karavakos we won the battle & got his staff. We then blocked off an area to safely take an extended rest.

The Crazies and Tomb of Horrors

The characters worked out what the next step was and that was to figure out how Durac made people forget about him. After leaving they were greeted by an old man who said if they answered a riddle he would answer three questions. After answering a relatively easy riddle they got some answers from the man. Who ended up actually being a 5’ tall grey rat man or Skaven. This shocked has these were creatures of myth. He explained that they had tipped the scales when things got too far out of balance. Showing the drow the secret tunnels to the dwarven stronghold. Putting the whisper in a kings ear to unite a kingdom or planting the seeds of deceit in a in a general.

After learning that two more spells will be cast one on the shadow plane and the other on the fey kingdom they head out for the fey bridge. Using the knowledge Elphaba had passed to Crispis of where they lived they made the journey to the rainbow bridge. Upon coming upon a beautiful summer glade in winter(?) they were greeted by Boromeer Rageshadow. He at first did not wish to allow them passage but relented eventually. The keep was on high alert due to the instability in human kingdoms. After verbal jabs back and forth he took them to see Whirlwands Moonshadow.

The cousin of Elphaba who was once Durac’s traveling companion. The learned that he had broke the nose of Durac as well as ran away and allowed him to get capture. For this Durac waited and caught him and tortured him some 50 years later. He had been branded with the symbol of the griffon. He was a broken man speaking in broken language throughout the conversation. They got the names of the first traveling companions of Durac as well as one of the generals, Acerak.

Jumping on the lead they asked Rageshadow to take them to Acerak and he said that he had died. Not believing him Rageshadow took him to one of the mages that was their at his death. The mage claimed that he had help trap Acerak in a tomb over two hundred years ago and that he was quite dead. The group wanted to see this “tomb” for themselves. So he transported them there.

The group found themselves in a cave with light leading up and a dark hallway with several frescoes painted on the wall, on the ground itself. After navigating some pittraps they entered the fresco of a four armed demon. After entering the chamber found behind the door they were greeted with the taunting of Acerak and four armed gargoyle. After a very long battle the group moved on and found a room of three chests. When they opened the first one a giant dual scimitar wielding skeleton attacked them after finally dispatching it the part is laying bloody and exhausted.

Return to Fellcrest

The heroes cleared out the slavers without any problem. They found a ledger with several symbols in it that correlated to certain races being bought and sold. Another had the payout to several bounty hunters as well that they recognized. When they went into the cells they were greeted by Castri, who they let out and sent on his way.
They went up the other tunnel which they figured out was the dragons escape route. When they got to the top they meet by an ice troll calling himself Niq the Quik. The fight was quickly over and they checked out the view at the top of the mountain. On one side was tents of a skorne party the heroes had no intention of crashing and the other contained the lights Silverton.
Getting back Silverton lead to a nice rest for the heroes. This was short lived when the blacksmith banged at their door seeking help. When they made it to Darren the necromancers place they saw several gnolls assaulting the farm. The gnolls were trying to get the necromancers child and when the leader of the gnolls saw the party, the voice of Orcus cursed them for meddling again. After saving Darren’s wife and baby the heroes tried to talk Darren into leaving his farm. Which in the end he acquiesced and left for Fellcrest to start a new life.
Rolling into Fellcrest the group was puzzeled that no history existed for Durac and no person they talked to remembered him. Roland and Crispis found their friend Alex Stormheart all in shining plate as newly initated Paladin of Everyn. Finally, they went to a church of the Raven Queen were they ran into Razvahn. He met them at the Red Velvet Inn were he told them that the church was monitoring him very closely as he was an outworlder and one of the few shadar-kai walking the world of Darym.

Clash of the Titan

In the latest installment our heroes slaughtered the last of the orcs finding the other pieces to bind stonefang. They went back to the ritual area and went to put the Titan back in his place. They meet up with one of the shadowed clan dwarves and got right into the action. Just as the dwarves had places the rib Stonefang threw a boulder and smashed them. This was to let the players know it was serious business.

They went right to it, by getting all the pieces bonded immediately. Stonefang wiffed his first round immediately. It was then a race to finish Stonefang and luckily only Roland got taken out but not dead. Well and a couple of summoned animals got killed too bit they don’t really count :) The heroes quickly finished the ceremony with the last dwarf and put Stonefang to rest for a bit.

They then struck back out to Tilverdale to meet up with Thoren and let them know they had succeeded. Flinka was happy to know they had found her sisters medallion communicator and gave them as a gift to the heroes. After a brief respite they got Thoren and his companions back to the pass and checked in on Shadowfell Keep. They meet up with Lord Maxwell and saw the renovations that had taken place. They got a bad feeling from Larak who is one of the advisors as well as ran into Ninnaran who happens to be a scout for Lord Maxwell.

This leads the heroes with several things to deal with and options to move on to. And what exactly happened to Elfaba?

Off to Stonefang Pass and a few goodbyes

The party after camping from the fights with the slavers had different ideas of what to try next. Gregor decided to head back to Fellcrest with the exslave Coleman. Razvhan seeing an opportunity to get back to his task for making his way towards Alexandria decided to travel with him.

They rest of the party made it back to Tilverdale without any issues. Rangrim introduced them to his dwarven companions there. They told the story of slaughter at Stonefang pass as they tried to reclaim their homeland. The pass would link Siren’s Call and Winterhaven. The adventurers wanted a trade post after the pass was ready. Thane Hedrick knowing the pass may not be ready till way after the human’s time thought it was a fine deal. Hedrick told them that he had one person already hired for the job and knew the layout of the gatehouse and how to get there. The party was introduced to Regnor.

The next day the party was asked by the dwarven woman Flinka to find the other half of here communications disk. Her sister had the other half and had been killed by the orcs. The party agreed has they would be there anyway.

The party may the journey to the Thunderspire Mountains without incident. They choose to skip Winterhaven or seeing the new Shadow Fall Keep and head straight to the adventure. (No ROLE PLAY HERE :) )

As the party was crossing the bridge they were assaulted by archer fish and hippogriffs. The party dispatched them and Regnor stopped the halfling from drowning and being taken by the river. This woke the party up and to be ready for anything with the cave.

Sure enough they came upon the bodies of several dwarves being sucked dry by Stirges. They easily dealt with these creatures and then the earthquake happened in the tunnel. A piece of the ceiling fell and hit Deirdre. Out popped 5 death jump spiders to continue the encounter. Luckily the earthquake subsided early in the spider fight and the party prevailed but was low on resources. They went back to a niche and rested up for what was next.

During this time an orcish voice was taunting the party through the disk. The party largely ignored it as the orc derided them for coming into his pass. After a few hours of travel the party reached the stone slab which blocked out the orcs. And after they lifted they got their first taste of the orcish delight. Fortunately our heroes were better equipped and handled them without issue.

Revenge on the Blood Reavers

The players made it to a town with of Tilverdale which was at the base of the mountain and a trade town. This allowed them to get some weaponry and stock up on supplies that they had lost from the slavers. Walking around town they found the Skorne one side of the slavers and Roland follwed him to learn more about their enemy. He succeeded in a skill challenge of shadowing the Skorne praetorian commander and learned their numbers and their plans for when they were moving out.

In the bar they met an strange elf named Castri (yeah, I was bored and used my Dark Sun encounters character) for a bit of RPing fun. He gave the party information about the Skorne and their society. The party offered to take him as he might come in handy navigating the terrain and to get a little revenge on the Skorne.

The party setup a rock slide ambush on the praetorian party. The fight went pretty well for their party with only a few nicks and scratches minus the praetorian commander getting into the Deidra and Elphaba. Thankfully the leader of the Skorne called off his troops in order to survive the bloodsheed. The party took Jasteer of House Balaar of the Skorne and learned what they could have from the drop. They decided to take Jasteer with them and send the two praetorian back into the desert.

After setting up watch they learned their new elf friend Castri was a bit of a cannibal. He apparently had gone back during the night and cut up some the skorne flesh as well as catching some regular food for the guests. The party decided it was time to send him packing and he left with no further provocation.

The players had a plan to use the skorne robes they had and get closer to the Blood Reaver hobgoblin slavers. Unfortunately Elphaba set off a smile rockslide while moving up stealthily which lead the the Hobgoblin archers shooting and bloodied her immediately. The rest of the party still used their advantage of took to charging the slavers. The fight was a knockout brawl and the party came up victorious. Highlighted by the rogue fighting a hobgoblin wearing his armor. That would be the last armor that hobgoblin wore.

The party traded the Hobgoblin is life for information and the warcaster kept his mouth shut for the most part as he did not feel the party would keep their word. They handed over the hobgoblin and one of the slaves to Jasteer, the dwarf Ramkin Glintshield and the human Coleman decided to take arms against the Bloodreavers.

The party went through the tunnels and came upon a guard station. Roland once again took the robes and bluffed the guards into believing he was one of the skorne. One of the watchmen went back to tell the leader that the trade had been unsuccessful. The other two guards quickly came under the blades of the party. Fearing that the hobgoblins might be too alert and resources expended the party decided to back out of the mountains and make back to Tilverdale.

Dragon Hunting

The party went into the blue dragons lair and ended up taking names. The party licked their wounds a bit and gathered up some treasure. Gregor and Roland scaled the wall and went to look around. After finding a fork in the cave they followed the dragon marks and after about 20 minuts came back and went back the other way. They got ambushed by two minotaurs who ended up capturing the duo.

Deirdre and Elphaba decided to look for their friends leaving Razvahn and Crispis to watch over the dead dragon. This lead to a disaster as the two were captured and forced to disarm and sent packing. This group went back to Silverton and licked their wounds as they tried to figure a plan.

The next day the group found their friends in prisoner clothes coming back to town. Roland used his skills to forge Nail the Whale’s signature and got them out. How will this play out when they get back to Fellcrest?

The blacksmith reminded them to go find his daughter. And find her they did at a farm run by a 16 yr old necromancer. The kids were in love and convinced the party to bring her back after they talked the childs father into letting them be together.

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