Darym-Return of Durac

Off to Stonefang Pass and a few goodbyes

The party after camping from the fights with the slavers had different ideas of what to try next. Gregor decided to head back to Fellcrest with the exslave Coleman. Razvhan seeing an opportunity to get back to his task for making his way towards Alexandria decided to travel with him.

They rest of the party made it back to Tilverdale without any issues. Rangrim introduced them to his dwarven companions there. They told the story of slaughter at Stonefang pass as they tried to reclaim their homeland. The pass would link Siren’s Call and Winterhaven. The adventurers wanted a trade post after the pass was ready. Thane Hedrick knowing the pass may not be ready till way after the human’s time thought it was a fine deal. Hedrick told them that he had one person already hired for the job and knew the layout of the gatehouse and how to get there. The party was introduced to Regnor.

The next day the party was asked by the dwarven woman Flinka to find the other half of here communications disk. Her sister had the other half and had been killed by the orcs. The party agreed has they would be there anyway.

The party may the journey to the Thunderspire Mountains without incident. They choose to skip Winterhaven or seeing the new Shadow Fall Keep and head straight to the adventure. (No ROLE PLAY HERE :) )

As the party was crossing the bridge they were assaulted by archer fish and hippogriffs. The party dispatched them and Regnor stopped the halfling from drowning and being taken by the river. This woke the party up and to be ready for anything with the cave.

Sure enough they came upon the bodies of several dwarves being sucked dry by Stirges. They easily dealt with these creatures and then the earthquake happened in the tunnel. A piece of the ceiling fell and hit Deirdre. Out popped 5 death jump spiders to continue the encounter. Luckily the earthquake subsided early in the spider fight and the party prevailed but was low on resources. They went back to a niche and rested up for what was next.

During this time an orcish voice was taunting the party through the disk. The party largely ignored it as the orc derided them for coming into his pass. After a few hours of travel the party reached the stone slab which blocked out the orcs. And after they lifted they got their first taste of the orcish delight. Fortunately our heroes were better equipped and handled them without issue.



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