Darym-Return of Durac

Pyramid of Shadows?

This recap was done by Deirdre.

We we’re transported from Bleak Acadamey to the prison that holds Karavakos, When we arrived someone foolishly advised we were here to kill him. He then transported us inside the pyramid to a pit filed with corpses. We fought and beat an ettin with swords & sent a squid like creature (carrion crawler) further into the muck. After the fight during our exploration of the area we found a crystal ball that held the spirit of an eladrin. After hearing about the inhabitants of the pyramid we travelled to the library & encountered knowledge eaters. After our fight with them we discovered two scrolls. One was to raised the dead. We further explored the area & encountered Karavakos we won the battle & got his staff. We then blocked off an area to safely take an extended rest.



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