Halfling warlock


Crispis Crosswater grew up in a small fishing village on the Blue Ridge River. He exhibited magical abilities early in life, but nothing of real note. It was as he grew into his early teems and the villagers saw him talking with fey creatures that things began to turn sour. The superstitious villagers grew uneasy with him, and he was soon feared and/or hated by almost all of them. Fearing for his safety his parents decided to send him to the Magical Academy in Fellcrest. Crispis was resistant to this idea at first. Always having a way with words, it was one of the few things he couldn’t talk himself out of. He quickly appreciated his new surroundings, but still resents his parents for shuttling him off from his home.

Once at school, Crispis excelled in his classes. Well, those he cared about. All of the ones dealing with magic, spell casting, arcana, and such? Great. History, math, and all of the other boring stuff? Not so much. This is when he soon became good friends with Elphaba, who excelled at those classes. She helped him with the “boring” classes, and he helped the book smart yet socially awkward elf in non-scholarly settings.

Endeavoring to…improve some of his grades is when he soon met one of his lifelong friends. Crispis was sneaking into the deans office to change the grades of his and some friend’s at the same time local burglar Roland was sneaking in through a window to steal the school tuition for the year, which he had heard was kept in a safe. A lot of whisper arguing ensued until Crispis heard the warning whistle of an ally that the dean was returning. Both lads left through window that Roland entered through. They landed on the ground laughing not caring about not getting what they went in there for. They soon became fast friends. Crispis was now skipping school and running around town after curfew more than he should. It was through Roland that Crispis made the acquaintance of Gregor.

What is never talked about, or even hinted to, is with whom Crispis created his Pact with. Those in the know of such things have been able to figure it out.

Crispis is a halfling warlock who is attending the same school as Elphaba. He spends much of his time with his rogue friend Roland.


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