• - 2000 Thermalfax born as he tells it
  • -1800 Orcs begin to evolve
  • -1750 Grummesh and Corwellen make a bet which Corwellen cheated making Orcs ugly and elves pretty
  • -1650 Dwarves created by Moradin
  • -1300 First sighting of humans

Modern History:

  • 0 – Darym continent was divided into 13 sections with a ruler of their own after many wars.
  • 15 Alexander Cornelious II takes over his father spot on the council after his assassination by the green council.
  • 20- Tournament at Farsley created. (Games created to entertain, and for when the ruling council met)
  • 48 – Alexander Cornelioous III begins taking over his fathers council duties and moving toward a more radical
    but more lawful standpoint
  • 50- Durac exiled by Eladrin for following in love and killing a noble
  • 55- Town of Moran saved from child sacrifices to Shadowwell in what is now Shadowfall Keep
  • 58 to 62 War of the Conqueror Alexendar Cornelious III performs a coup and takes control of Farsley as well as any who
    do not commit to him.
  • 63 – Durac wins Gladiatoral combat at Farsley and begins training in Shadowfell
  • 66 – Kara Tuar island swallowed by sea monster
  • 68 – Farlsey renamed to Alexandria and capitol of the kingdom
  • 100- Invention of the Astral Diamond (1000 platinum)
  • 198 – Jeanette Bontemp rules Alexandria and became on the best rulers.
  • 218 – Alexander Cornelious V Crowned calling himself “Peacebringer” after his mother passed.
  • 225 – Auspex War fought which gave Orcs their own land and recognized in Council of 5.
  • 227 – Shadowfall Keep purged

Common Knowledge items about the world
1. The continent of Aurlia was a standard fantasy world where all races (except Dragonborn, and tiefling or weird stuff) lived and fought.
2. After many many years of fighting one another and the monsters the humanoid races banned together and formed 13 tribes.
3. Human named ALex Cornelious III head of the red dragon legion brought himself as Emporer
4. Peace was had between the those nations for a very long time and created a world economy and each nation helping the other
5. Durac began to gather forces to strike out and began a war that raged across the continent
6. In this war the drow and the forces of Durac slaughtered the demi-human races. GNomes removed from existence. Halflings living with humans is why they survived. Dwarves were decimated as a race losing all but 1 of their main cities as coordinated attacks from all the UNderdark and traitors within the dwarven houses.
7. After about ten years of constant war Durac and his men vanguard were stopped at what is now Gryphon Falls. 3 Generals actually had been left in charge and began taking the forces into personal vendettas.
8. Durac and his wife went to kill a god and assume its portfolio. She betrayed him to Orcus and he was captured as she killed him and took over as the Keeper of the Dead, RavenQueen. It is said her tears for her betrayel created the Shadar-Kai.
9. The world rebuilt itself and while there was an Emporer he began to place people in charge of kingdoms so they would not be taken unaware again.
10. Orcs and halforcs as well as hobgoblins united to carve a kingdom for themselves and won a treaty it was is known as the AUspex War


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