Darym-Return of Durac

Dragon Hunting

The party went into the blue dragons lair and ended up taking names. The party licked their wounds a bit and gathered up some treasure. Gregor and Roland scaled the wall and went to look around. After finding a fork in the cave they followed the dragon marks and after about 20 minuts came back and went back the other way. They got ambushed by two minotaurs who ended up capturing the duo.

Deirdre and Elphaba decided to look for their friends leaving Razvahn and Crispis to watch over the dead dragon. This lead to a disaster as the two were captured and forced to disarm and sent packing. This group went back to Silverton and licked their wounds as they tried to figure a plan.

The next day the group found their friends in prisoner clothes coming back to town. Roland used his skills to forge Nail the Whale’s signature and got them out. How will this play out when they get back to Fellcrest?

The blacksmith reminded them to go find his daughter. And find her they did at a farm run by a 16 yr old necromancer. The kids were in love and convinced the party to bring her back after they talked the childs father into letting them be together.



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