Darym-Return of Durac

Into Paragon

The intro for paragon.

Sitting atop a mound of golden skulls ten feet molded into some sick throne sits the Lord of Undead himself Orcus. The fires crackle about him, the moans of the undead can be heard throughout his throne room, as a servant stands before him, tallying the daily intake of souls. THose that they reaaped and those lost to the Raven Queen. Another demon enters the room in glowing golden armor. Not a spec of dirt can be found anywhere as it gleams like a bright star.

“Lord Orcus, the Cat has escaped his pen, but one Karavakos is gone his soul added to our pile the contract complete.” says the golden armored man.

“The score then.”

“Acerak, Karavakos are ours,” he quickly disaplys two souls of the former generals " two of the three Generals down. Alexander Cornelious is gone from Dayrm but picked up by the Raven Queen as expected. The portal to Shadowfell where Durac disappeared was foiled."

“Now the news I don’t want to hear.”

“Derrin the necromancer lives, all of the heroes to Shadowfell are walking, Cloak is running about in his feywild out of his pen that you assured me would hold him. Durac and Kerric have been missing for three years not a word of them. Lord Maxell purged your temple”

At this Orcus cracks his whip across the and the screams of souls can be heard across the Shadowfell.

“Its time to put my plan into motion that will give me the power I crave. The first thing is we must bring Durac out into the open. What better way then to allow him to take the portolio of the god of murder to come back. Second, now that Moil is missing its greatest asset we no longer have to waste resources there. Time to turn it to towards the RavenQUeen and hit her where it hurts. Third its time to teach these mortals not to meddle in my affairs any longer, Maxwell, Heroes of the Shadowfell, even the neighborhood baker needs to feel my shadowy grip!”



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